Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NFL Soccer Concepts

Wow, I was not at all expecting these to make their rounds on the internet when I first posted them, but over the past few days they've hit Reddit and Uni Watch and I've heard of some others too!  So now I'm putting them here to attach my name to them and to make it easier to find them.

More of these are still on the way, so stay tuned.



  1. I like! Although, as a New England fan, I can't express in words how much I despise the NE-with-attached-flying-elvis logo. Just the Flying Elvis alone is bad enough. You really ought to consider just using the old school Pat Patriot logo. It would be perfect then. As perfect as it would be if the team would slap the Pat logo onto the silver helmets... One can dream.

  2. do a colts One thx Ill buy it from u

  3. You need a Jet one. You can either go Johnson & Johnson or JetBlue which could make for a good jersey combo

  4. Is there any way you could do a Rams one with spiral horns over the sleeves like the '80s jerseys had?

  5. Why are the Vikings the only team who got stuck with Umbro? Awesome work! Http.www.goalkeepergrades.com

  6. Working for edward jones I love the rams one! Past that Skol Viks! Would buy in a heartbeat!!!

  7. Browns still look like crap. But it's not your fault, there's nothing that will improve that color scheme. Dammit.

  8. If you could sell these, i'd love to buy one.

  9. You're sitting on a million dollar idea! Make these bad boys--I'd buy one!

  10. Great idea. I've yet to wear an NFL jersey, mainly because I can't fit into an XXL size. But, I would definitely wear one of these jerseys! Need New Orleans Saints, though!

  11. Well,

    These are AWESOME, any chance of actually making and selling these!? I would buy a couple of the Rams ones.

  12. it will be a great plan for sales if the company's advertised on these jerseys are on board for the long haul. investments, etc.

  13. Niiiice! Shame you can't sell them, blasted copyright

  14. It is definitely an interesting idea and a great revenue opportunity for the NFL but I am sure there are reasons it hasn't been done yet. I would guess it would be more likely for owners to do when they run out of other ways to easily make money which has not been the case yet. Intriguing idea nevertheless. - Adrian Meli

  15. I would absolutely buy that Steelers kit if I could!

  16. Jimmy I hope you can work out a way to get some of these bad boys manufactured. I would try to find a way to copyright these designs as well.
    Great work. Much respect.

  17. When are you releasing new versions?

  18. I like how you used corporate sponsors from the area. But even without the logos, those jerseys are sick! Great job!

  19. I would buy any of these in a heartbeat. I can't stand football, and I would forfeit $100 of my hard-earned money to the NFL to get my hands on ANY of these (well, maybe not the St. Louis Rams alternate jersey). You have done what MLS has struggles for countless years to do: make something pretty to salivate over.

  20. I'm pretty sure the NFL frowns upon people making other jerseys with teams logos guys, these won't get sold :-) Nice work though, it's a fun concept.

  21. Really, really good. You should just commit and do the entire NFL...

  22. These are great! Linked on our facebook page. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the Bolts...make sure you go old school and the powder blue! Great job!


    San Diego Dragoons

  23. This is AWESOME, do a Baltimore one :D

  24. Excellent! I've put these onto my forum but linked back to here. Quite a few smart shirts there, put a lot of real ones to shame.

  25. If you get around to making a Bengals version, you can easily using the following:
    A) Hull City
    B) Wolves
    C) A smear of brown and green, with a couple pieces of corn sticking out because we're complete shit.

  26. Huge fan...would love to see an Eagles one. Much like most people above I would definitely make a purchase if you bring these to life.
    Great work

  27. I'd love to see an old school Bucs one and a new Bucs one using the ManU scheme

  28. Excellent work!

    As a vikings fan i would like to see a white jersey. I really like the umbro design.

    waiting for the next ones.

  29. I'm likin' this! What about FB and Google themes?

  30. These are great for the most part. It could be a great way for the NFL to see how the primary corporate sponsorship of the uniforms would be received by the public. Hopefully they pick up on these and you get PAID.

    Only complaint is on the Steelers. They all look great except for Pittsburgh. How about getting away from the blue/grey clash and making it black with the curved stripes in yellow (or reverse of that). Or maybe even more of a metallic silver/grey? You were probably going for a blue steel thing, but I don't think it works.

  31. hey man..no have Philadelphia Eagles ?

    claudio santos
    Minas Gerais-MG


  32. Great Job!!

    I am a graphic designer myself and would love to create some college team (SEC) jerseys. How did you create the base layer of the jersey before placing the design on it. Did you just find a good image of a plain white jersey?

  33. Yo Jimmy, your work has been mentioned in one of brazil´s most important newspaper website


    by the way, a awesome idea, well developed.

  34. tampa bay buccaneers!!

    but make it more clean and simple than these

    please, haha

  35. Replies
    1. Well if Football is so gay what were you doing looking at the page?


  36. I notice the Kansas and Cleveland ones don't have kit manufacturer logos on them, but these are quality.

    I remember having this template for the kits from a Football Manager fansite, the design was called SS08, and a simple Google search should be able to net you the PSD of them.

  37. Fantastic job, man. I really wish you could work for MLS. Their uniforms are getting better, but still not on par with what you've created above. I'd surely buy a jersey if you were able to sell them. Either New Orleans Saints or TCU Horned Frogs.

  38. I love soccer! The best sport.

  39. M&T Bank for the Baltimore Ravens. I'm surprised no one from the NFL has contacted you. It would be a great way to spread the sport into Latin America Football meets Futbol

  40. What an awesome idea. I don't like football but I'd consider buying on of these jerseys. Defintely better than what MLS has to oferr right now.
    Can you do EPL teams in NFL jerseys?

  41. I'm still waiting for my New England Revolution XXL American Football Jersey...

  42. As a soccer and football fan I can say you´ve done an excelent job.

    Would you mind If I took your models down to a store here in brazil to make me a real one ? (just one!! please!!)

    if you do mind, and think that would be best that I don't do it, I will understand, and respect your work!

    but please!! try to make them available...i don't know, ofer them to the NFL teams...maybe one buys your idea, and everyone can be real happy!! specially you!!


    Again, Superb job!

  43. Dude, you are seriously skilled. It's a privilege to get a glimpse of these. I would encourage you to get a lawyer and then make attempts at contacting NFL marketing and make a licensing proposal. I would purchase at least two or three of these if priced within reason. That's the key. Dont gouge like most NFL properties. Pitch it such that you and they can make money from volume. Then expand out to the NHL, NBA etc. Cheers! David Sirias of John Titor Ensemble

  44. Excelente propuesta y que tal de los equipos de la MLB y NHL, la de los vaqueros no me gustaron, ¿que tal una tercera opción? Saludos desde México City.

  45. A few comments on the Cleveland Browns one. First, get rid of that stupid "B" logo, it is not used much anymore if at all. Replace it with our old school brownie logo. Second, while I like the fact that you use local businesses that are based out of the city, Sherwin-Williams is a more active sponsor of the Browns than Progressive and it's HQ is located in downtown Cleveland.

  46. One other thing. I would not put the NFL logo on both sleeves. I would put the team helmet on one of the sleeves. These look cool. I think they would be very popular if you could get them produced. I would copyright the idea. The NFL has done crossover jerseys in the past.

  47. These are fantastic, can't wait to see the rest. Could you design a book cover if given the concept?

  48. These are fantastic! I love the Packers' jerseys. The clash is a lot like their old blue and gold throwback jerseys. Very well done.

    You should seriously get in touch with someone at NFL Properties. These things would sell like crazy.

  49. Can't wait for a Jets one..! If I had your skills, I'd love to do ones for defunct American Football leagues like World League of American Football, XFL, CFL's US expansion teams of the mid 90's, etc..

  50. The Steelers design reminded me of the Sheffield United (the Blades) 1981/83 away shirt http://www.retrofootyshirt.co.uk/value-range/sheffield-united-1/sheffield-united-81-83.html
    as for The Bengals copying Hull City (The Tigers) as suggested earlier did you mean the 1993 shirt? http://www.oldfootballshirts.com/en/teams/h/hull-city/old-hull-city-football-shirt-s1495.html or the 2008 shirt http://www.oldfootballshirts.com/en/teams/h/hull-city/old-hull-city-football-shirt-s7776.html

  51. You should add championship stars above the logo. Count NFL & AFL championships in addition to Super Bowls won. Some of those jerseys are going to have a lot of stars…

  52. Great work. Looking forward for the other teams, specially NY Giants and Miami Dolphins (green, orange and white may become things a little harder, hehe).

  53. Nicely done! But wouldn't the Seahawks kits just be the same exact ones the Sounders already wear?

  54. Awesome, could you do a Saints one please?

  55. if you did a Ravens one I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  56. veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery good,
    yours models have a sucess in the brazil !!!


  57. Someone from the NFL needs to realize how amazing these are so I can buy one IMMEDIATELY.

  58. ugh why do we need the corporate adverts? These would be great on their own merit.
    I hate how people automatically think things need to be sponsored in order to be truly "futbol"..
    but I am just an internet commenter what do I know.

  59. These are all great but how bout you give a go at doing a Rugby Jersey attempt at these considering American football is more similar to the sport except that NFL is basically Rugby with less action and they wear a ton of pads..haha


  60. You need to make a Raider one, they Look great man

  61. Great job Jimmy; excellent concept and visually appealing stuff.

    Love the Cowboys and Packers shirts!

  62. Oh my stars and garters, you NAILED the Lions ones--the 'clash' version actually echoes the 50s-60s Lions logo; was that intentional? Fantastic work all around.

    . . . and yes, I would buy these if they were sold. Wow.


  63. Great stuff - what a clever take - I would buy one in an instant - Can we see a Cincinnati Bengals one with a Proctor & Gamble sponsor?

    Very nice!

  64. I NEED those Rams jerseys in my life!

  65. please PLEASE make sure when you do the jersey for the Chargers to use the current style, but ALSO do a throwback Powder Blues =)


  66. I'd buy the Steelers one in a second! (For a reasonable price..) lol

  67. I'd love to see your take on MLS kits. In my opinion, most of the current MLS kits need love. If you ever do it, start with the Seattle Sounders, their current kits are worst!

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  69. Way to go, great designs! If you'll ever produce those, I'll be in line for a Cowboys jersey.

    Greetz from Munich Germany

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  71. I would buy a New York Giants one in a heartbeat.

  72. haha you know on fifa 12 this year you can do the whole kit creation stuff like NCAA, upload logos etc. Could create a custom nfl league on there.

  73. ps - philly HAS to be kelly green silver and white

  74. Do a Raiders one, Silver and black in soccer would look sweeet

  75. Rams - Boca Juniors

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  81. These are amazing. Can you please make a Philadelphia Eagles soccer kit?? Would love to see that. Also let me know if we can purchase these and where to do so.


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